If it’s Geno…It’s over

Arguably the best thing that happened to this New York Jets team was Geno Smith going down in pre-season from a vicous right handed hook to the jaw. Fast forward to three months later, and the absolute worst thing that can happen to this team could come to fruition if Ryan Fitzpatrick gets surgery on his injured left thumb: Geno Smith back as the starting quarterback for the NYJ. Last Sunday, the Jets played a miserable game in all three phases. The most shocking thing about that loss was that Geno Smith wasn’t the worst part of the Oakland rout. It was actually the over-rated quarter billion dollar defense. This is not to say that Geno Smith played well at all, but the defense was pathetic. Im going to break down Geno Smiths performance vs. Oakland and tell you why the season is over if he is healthy, and the Jets decide to roll with him for the rest of the year.

The key for any young quarterback in the NFL, and for Geno Smith is to learn from your mistakes. Things that you do in your rookie year, you correct them in your second year. Mistakes that are made in your second year, you correct them in the third and so on and so forth. The major problem with Geno Smith is that he makes the same mistakes in his third year of the NFL that he made in his rookie season. This shows a lack of growth as a player, and immaturity. Three mistakes that Geno continues to make and is incapable of learning from. 1. He still does not understand a situation where you can not take a sack. He took two critical sacks at the end of the 4th quarter Sunday where he had endless amounts of time in the pocket to throw the ball away and stop the clock. Those things happen to first year qb’s, it shouldn’t happen to a 3 year guy. And it happened twice. 2. Locking onto receivers. I watched every snap that Geno Smith took last week and I could count on one hand the amount of times he went through his progressions correctly, or even at all. You will not succeed in this league locking onto receivers and he did it the whole game, more specifically on the INT intended for Brandon Marshall. He doesn’t look the safety off long enough, and forces it downfield. That ball was going to Marshall no matter what on that play, and he missed the wide open seam route. And finally number 3. Geno Smith took one of the most brutal, and unexplainable hits I’ve ever seen a quarterback take that could have clearly been avoided. The puzzling thing about this hit is that if you watch the replay, Geno just stares at this defensive back and allows him to absolutely annihilate himself eventually causing him to leave the game because of a bum shoulder. This tells me that Geno just isn’t an intelligent football player. No qb allows a d-back to lay a hit on them like that when they are 1 inch away from stepping out of bounds. It was almost like Geno wanted no part of this season, and he wanted that Raider defender to end it for him. Here’s the hit for the fans at home.

These three things tell me one thing: If it’s Geno…It’s over. Sorry Jet fans.

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